Farmer's Market Tomorrow

So was going to write a descriptive reintroduction to my blog. It has had a few runs in the past...

Annd I am going to still do that next week but here is a good example of how the blog will run. There will be more traditional blog posts. But I also want to use this format as a way to reach out to my audience about events, shows etc.

Four Finger Cup. 

That said, tomorrow is the opening of the Vermont Farmers Market outdoor season. If you have not attended it, it is an amazing market. It is an absolutely huge market. Technically its two markets, the Vermont Farmers Market and Rutland County Farmers' Market. Fresh vegetables, bake goods, crafts, spirits, beer, wine and more. 


Also, I opened a new kiln load this morning (another blog post you will see in the future ) and will have the new work at market plus the popular functional pieces I have hadin the past. Look for a tent ( I am waiting for parts to my better tent). Weather looks like it is getting better just a slight chance of light rain but much warmer.


You can find directions .Here

Hope to see you there and look for a post on the unloaded kiln coming up. Thanks! -TPS-