Meet the Potter David Stone.

trimming at the kick wheel.

Thanks for visiting ! I am a potter and ceramic artist living in the green mountains of Vermont at the foot of Hateful Hill. Primarily wheel throwing functional wares, I also create contemporary ascetic forms using both hand building and wheel throwing techniques.


You can keep up with me by following my studio blog where I will share details of current work, projects and shows.For a more current glimpse of what I am up to please follow my Instagram.

Stoneware work in progress.

Wheel thrown, carved stoneware vessel.


You can find my work for sale online at my Etsy Shop.

If you would like to come Visit the studio it is open most days. please call (802)353-5198.

You can find my studio here

If driving past please come right in when you see the open flag and or Open Studio sandwich boards on the street.

Look for my sandwich on Route 103!

Look for my sandwich on Route 103!

I will soon have posted hours for 5 days of the week along with a new road side sign.Hope to see you!